Building Analytics

In today’s energy and facilities environment there exist a greater need for refined and analyzed usage and facilities operations   information. These new needs are in part due to the increase in complexity in our facility infrastructures and the higher level of   technology controlling those infrastructures. The new technology can generate significant amounts of information requiring an   automated analytics processor to performing the complex analysis.

Utility and Cost Analysis

ECO-1 employs a proprietary software process which automates the analysis of the utility and operations data bases identifying   specific operational and utility savings opportunities without the need for manual data processing.  The analysis automated logic   identifies both the amount of energy savings dollars and units but also quantifies the value of the energy saved.

Utility and Cost Analysis

The ECO-1 system provides 22 different power quality readings.

Phase Amperage

Phase and Total Voltage

Power Factor

Monitoring & Verification

Eco-1 should be installed initially to monitor and verify current state usage and cost verification. This information   can identify significant cost savings through operational improvements with little or no cost.  Eco-1 can then provide continued commissioning monitoring and verification during construction to assure performance of selected measures and then provide post  measure monitoring to assure continued performance.

Unique Capability

Eco-1 can differentiate between various equipment loads and produces data tables and graphic charts that indicate specific   equipment energy usage and monetization for each piece of equipment selected.

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