Building Energy Simulation Modeling

Imagine a building energy simulation tool comprehensive enough to be useful to ALL design team members, in ANY or ALL design phases, including schematic design.  eQUEST is well named because it provides something you’ve been looking for but have been unable to find … a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use building energy analysis tool. With eQUEST, AEG can provide professional-level results in an affordable level of effort.  EQuest is now updated for the new CA Title 24 Code requirements.

This table shows the results an eQuest energy measures analysis using simulation modeling toward achieving an Energy Utilization Goal based on  Kilo-BTU per Sq. Ft.  In developing this model we ran 12 models using various equipment configurations, measures and operating conditions.  The goal for this building was aggressive at 166 Btu/sf/yr,  we exceeded this goal beyond the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 guidelines. Typically consulting engineers are satisfied with meeting the ASHRAE guidelines, but we strive to exceed them while maintaining a payback goal of 5 years or less.

This is only one of numerous tables and graphic charts that get generated with eQUEST. Additional reports are available.

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