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Energy audits conducted today are usually limited in the form of data collection walk-through's with casual observation of building systems and equipment condition. Simply not enough information and analysis to determine “How” your building is consuming energy and “How Much” the equipment and systems are costing you.


We provide comprehensive existing conditions assessment processes to identify building systems degradation and inefficiencies to support capital renewal decisions.

A large percentage of infrastructure assets, including education, municipal and healthcare buildings, are deteriorating rapidly due to age, deferred maintenance and over capacity. The budget constraints under which these types of facilities operate also make the sustainability of these buildings a serious challenge. This is particularly so when capital renewal programs are downsized to save money, thus hindering the proper inspection of buildings and the allocation of renewal funds. In addition, building inspections and condition assessments are generally resource intensive, subjective, time-consuming, and costly. 

Energy Utilization Analysis

We conduct innovative... demand-side analysis helping you reduce energy and resource usage by identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and  utilization including:

Demand Monitoring: We monitor and analyze energy consumption metrics that uncover opportunities to reduce costs across the company and sustain those cost reductions with ongoing monitoring and management.

ASHRAE Level 1,2, & 3 energy and utility billing audits.

Analytics: We use advanced analytics to identify cost savings opportunities, provide benchmarks, establish baseline models, evaluate energy usage and verify energy reductions.

Once energy usage patterns have been identified, our supply-side solutions will help ensure that you are getting the best combination of self-generation and utility pricing structure.

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