Funding and  Incentives


Limited capital to pursue energy efficiency projects.

Energy efficiency projects usually take a back seat when it comes to capital allocation. With pressure from regulations increasing to reduce carbon footprint and energy conservation, as well as significantly increasing energy costs, owners need access to additional capital to finance energy projects.


We provide investment grade funding through our Preferred Provider funding groups. These funding groups are attracted to our short term paybacks between 3 - 5 years and our comprehensive low cost project delivery model.  Our energy technologies providing for advanced analytics for monitoring and verification before, during and after installation and building energy simulation modeling enhance credit confidence making our projects attractive to investors.

Incentives & Rebates

We identify qualifying energy efficiency incentives and credits– We help clients capture cash incentives from utility providers for capital projects that deliver energy reductions via energy efficiency incentives and credits.

We help can help clients through the maze of regulations and paperwork to capture cash and tax incentives. Many of the incentives available today require detailed documentation prior to the submission of the reservations for the incentives; we can do this for you. While some incentives are paid upon proof of installation of the ECM other require sophisticated monitoring and verification for proof of performance. Without the performance documentation provided on a monthly basis the incentive will not be paid. AEG has broad experience and technology in monitoring and verification for incentive based reporting or for ongoing operational support

Astro Energy Group
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Astro Energy Group

603 S. Marshall Ave.

El Cajon, CA


Rick Moreno, President

Dave Jarrett, CEO     

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For Information call: 619-442-9686