Project Delivery


Traditional project delivery methods  such as design, bid, build or time and materials inherently create problems between the owner, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and technology providers. Owners and Investors worry about whether the energy project will get done on time, on budget and if it will perform as planned, designed and built.

Project Delivery Model

Our Project Delivery Model provides guidance in completing the Planning, Design and Construction of  capital projects. Depending on the type, size, scope and strategic impact of the project, and project delivery method, the application of the PDM's comprehensive guidelines, workshops and tools  are adaptable and will achieve the same best value, time and cost efficient outcomes.

 The Goals of the PDM are:

1. Plan the project to meet your  energy & cost reduction objectives

2. Design, Build, & Commission measures that work and deliver

4. Do it Fast

5. Do it at the Least Possible Cost

Preferred Provider Network

The Preferred Provider Network (PPN) was developed to ensure that Astro Enterprises consistently selects the best design professionals, consultants and contractors at a competitive cost.  A competitive selection process is used to select the most qualified responsible and responsive firms for inclusion into the PPN.  The PPN firms embrace a common commitment to excellence, pricing and process improvement, while acting as a partner with Astro Enterprises to successfully implement its capital construction programs.  The types of services that the PPN provide include: Pre-construction services, Architectural Design, Project Management , Energy Technologies, Commissioning, and Construction.

PPN member firms have resources and capabilities across the nation, are fully trained on our PDM and readily available to serve our customers.


Integrated Design/Build

Our Integrated Design/Build project delivery method brings the project team together early in the conceptualization phase of project development. Integrated design/build  project delivery  assures  owners  that the project team is working toward achieving the owner’s goals throughout the entire continuum of project development and delivery. Contrary to other delivery methods integrated design build incorporates LEAN design and construction methods to compress design and construction schedules and provides a guaranteed maximum price. This method assures that design and construction documents are clear, concise with the least amount of ambiguity, while using Building Information Management (BIM) modeling to provide clash detection and efficacious coordination of work.

Standard Contracts

Astro Enterprises has developed standard contract forms of agreement for contracting with our PPN providers.  

Every effort has been made to incorporate language that provides reasonable protection of our customer’s and the provider’s legal rights and clearly delineates performance expectations.  A thorough review of these standard contract forms of agreement by all project participants is especially important for project success, as these agreements provide a form of  performance and risk allocation acceptable to all, which may differ from other industry forms.

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